December Update





Dear Wakefield Plantation Residence:


Now more than ever, we need to ensure we maintain our property values.  As much as homeowners do not want to receive violation letters, the board also does not want to send them.  However, we must ensure that the community continues to move up rather than depreciating in value.  So, we are hopeful by providing the below list of reminders we can alleviate some of the continued letters that are sent.


There is a copy of the complete covenants on the website at under documents.


Changes/Improvements to Your PropertyFurther information can be found under Article X Section 1 of the Declaration of Covenants– Please note, if you plan to make any alterations to your property that you first review the Architectural Design Guidelines and submit an application (if required) PRIOR to making the proposed changes.  Both documents are available on the website at   If you reside in a sub association, please check with your sub association management company as you may be required to send application to them for review.  Alterations consist of anything from plantings to home additions.  See Architectural Design Guidelines for further details.


Mailboxes (Single Family Homes Only)- further information can be found under Article IX Section 17 of the Declaration of Covenants–  As the community ages it is important that we keep up with preventative maintenance.  In driving the community, it appears there are several areas where the mailboxes are rusting, numbers are fading, and portions of mailbox need repair.  Please make certain to check your mailbox and if work is needed please be sure to have it completed as this has an impact on our community.  Carolina Mailboxes was the contractor who installed the original mailboxes.  They can be reached at 877-845-0850.


On Street Parkingfurther information can be found under Article IX Section 18 of the Declaration of Covenants–  As stated in the governing documents, parking on the street regularly and/or overnight is not permitted for residents of Wakefield Plantation.  Please make every effort to abide by the regulations that are in place.


Plantings Pruning– City of Raleigh Requirements (Single Family Homes Only) The city of Raleigh requires that the following regulations are followed.

  • Dead, diseased and structurally unsound limbs must be removed for public safety
  • Tree limbs that obscure and obstruct views of traffic and traffic control devices must be pruned
  • Limbs that impede or obstruct the free movement of pedestrians and/or vehicular traffic must be pruned
  • Trees and plantings should be trimmed to allow for an eight-foot (8’) clearance above the level of the intersection(s), roadway, and/or walkways. All sidewalks shall remain clear of prunings.


If you plan to remove any trees you will need prior approval from the Architectural Committee before proceeding.


Trash Cans– The city of Raleigh and the Wakefield Plantation Community Association requires that all trash cans are stored where they cannot be seen from the road.  Several letters are sent each month for cans that can be seen from the street throughout the community.  We need to work together to solve this issue.


Pet Waste- Stations have been placed throughout Wakefield to make the responsibility of pet owners that much easier.  When we see pet waste still being an issue throughout the community it is very disappointing.  It only takes a few seconds to grab a bag from the station, pick up and properly dispose of the waste in the can provided.  If there is a location that is in need of a pet station, please contact Jennifer Burch at or 919-848-4911 x117.  In no case, should any resident be allowing their pet to “go” on another homeowner’s property.


The Board of Directors